Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tasting Room - Wine buying that makes sense

We've all done it before. You're in Napa or Sonoma and caught up in the moment at the splendor and general awesome of the vinyard or winery you're visiting. And after the tasting from that very knowledgeable foreign-born, lovely-accented wine guide, you join the club.

Two months later boxes of wine bottles are being dropped off at your desk or in front of your home and...
  • you're not in the mood, or
  • the bottles are fancy and you want to save them, or
  • this stuff is good but the season's changed and you want something different.
  • You realise that you don't really know what you like, but its certainly not whatever their sending you

The list goes on and on. 

They ask you questions and send you stuff based on those preferences. They're not locked int one winery or set of vineyards. They give you discounts based on your willingness to participate and that leaves you feeling pretty good.

In an age where everything's becoming ore data driven while at the same time people are craving more and more products that feel less mass produced, Tasting Room is using the available tech, a friendly attitude and some nice choices to engage users in what's often an intimidating experience-- choosing wine. What I like most? 

I don't have to be a wine expert-- I just have to be an expert on what I like.

Monday, April 21, 2014

iMedia: Marketing jargon translated for normal people

While I really dislike nearly all corporate lingo, (AKA Corporatese), tech and the ad world are changing so fast you cant help but speak in neologisms.

This article's not bad at teasing out real meaning from the knots of adlife.

They are missing one of my favorites though. Meme-jacking is a lot like news-jacking, but if done right, it's a lot more fun for your audience.