Thursday, May 22, 2014

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Looks Quite Compelling.

Engadet ran a story for the recently announce Surface Pro 3 tablet from MS. The following quote shows the compelling nature of the new device:

In addition to being thin, the Surface Pro 3 is relatively lightweight, at 800g (1.76 pounds). And let's be clear: When we say "relatively," we mean compared to a 12-inch laptop, or even a 13-inch Ultrabook; those would weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of three pounds. Even the 11-inch MacBook Air comes in at 2.4 pounds. Of course, the Surface Pro 3 is still heavy next to an iPad Air or Samsung Galaxy Tab. But the Surface Pro was never supposed to compete with those kinds of tablets anyway. No, this is, and always was, a laptop killer.
(emphasis added)

The idea that this device can run all of your Windows apps, gives the user access to the file system and is lighter than a Macbook Air 11 has a 12" screen is pretty impressive. What does 1.76lbs feel like? Probably like an iPad 3/3rd Generation (1.44lb) with a case around it.

Here's the video.

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